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Meghan Noyes was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. One of her fondest memories as a child was exploring the various flea markets with her mother and grandmother. It was at a young age that she began collecting treasures from all over the world. 


She followed her love of design which led her to the University of Colorado in Boulder, where she earned a degree in architecture with a design emphasis. This led to a quick stint in New York City earning an AJP degree at the Gemology Institute of America. From NYC she travelled west and fell in love with the sun filled days in Los Angeles, CA - working and contributing to the creative powerhouse team of Emily Current + Meritt Elliott.


HOUSE OF NOYES opened its doors in winter of 2015 and hit the ground running. With a clientele of young hollywood actors and powerful influential women. House of Noyes delivers room design and decor that embody the individual style of each delightfully unique client. With a fearless use of color, playful touches of whimsy, rich vintage textiles mixed with clean modern pieces, Meghan designs comfortably chic living spaces, sure to make you say WOW. 


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Tel: 847-638-3167

Los Angeles, California

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